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Why get Certified?

✓ It’s FREE to get your pictures Certified
✓ No more guys asking you, “are those pictures really you?”
✓ Your Certified Status gives you an advantage over the non-certified ads
✓ Increase your odds of getting more calls because of being Certified

How to get Certified

✓ Get a piece of paper and black felt tip pen and write in LARGE lettering:
✓ Take 6 pictures of yourself holding up the sign in 6 DIFFERENT POSITIONS
✓ UPLOAD those 6 pictures to
✓ NOTE: tt may take up to 24 hours to get your pictures Certified

NOTE: At, your privacy is important to us. We will only use this information to determine a user’s certified status. We reserve the right tto accept or deny a user of the CERTIFIED status.


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